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Review Formlabs Form 2; groter, beter en simpeler printen!

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Waar de meeste concurrenten gebruikmaken van Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), kan de Formlabs 3D-printer ongelooflijk gedetailleerde modellen printen met behulp van lasers en hars (stereolithografie-SLA).

Formlabs heeft met de Form 2 een fraaie 3D-printer op de markt gebracht, die goed past in hun visie: het creëren van de beste prosumer 3D-printers op de markt. De Form 2 kan printen tot een resolutie van 20 micron en dat is ver boven het marktgemiddelde van 100 micron.

De Form 2 is niet voor de gemiddelde consument, want de kwaliteit van de prints mag dan verbazingwekkend goed zijn, het uitharden vereist flink wat geduld en ruimte.

Wat vinden de experts er van?

Quotes van andere experts:

3D Ninja:
Review Formlabs Form 2
Hele nette prints, zeer berouwbaar, snelle support, doordacht concept, schoon werken (voor een sla printer). Materialen en printer zijn duur. Je verbruikt ook heel wat isopropanol. De software is niet supermakkelijk in gebruik (gevalletje mac interface in windows omgeving) en het printer duurt lang. Maar de kwaliteit van de prints maakt alles goed.
Score: 9.8
Digital Trends:
Review Formlabs Form 2
With the Form 2, 3D printing is finally as simple as it was always supposed to be. The user-friendly Form 2 3D printer is miles ahead of the competition. The Form 2 is, without a doubt, one of the best 3D printers weíve ever had the pleasure of using. It excels in nearly every category, and features a litany of user-friendly features that you simply canít get with other SLA printers.
Score: 9.0
Develop 3D:
Review Formlabs Form 2
Inevitably, weíre tempted to draw comparisons between the Form 1+ (which we looked at back in 2014) and this new machine ó but, in fact, the overall experience is like operating two entirely different machines. The build process is still the same, but nearly every other aspect of the machineís operation has been revisited and improved, leading to a more professional and more robust device.
Score: 9.0
Tech Radar Pro:
Review Formlabs Form 2
The Form 2 is designed for anyone needing a high-end 3D printing solution and is ideal for those needing to produce prototypes, small product runs or highly detailed quality models or jewellery designs. The process of producing a print is far more time consuming, messy and expensive than an FFM printer, but the end results are exceptional. The Form 2 stands alone both in terms of price and ability.
Score: 9.0
Trusted Reviews:
Review Formlabs Form 2
Like its predecessor, the Form 2 prints objects that are closer to a finished product rather than mere prototypes. And it does so with plenty of sophistication, thanks to the refinements that Formlabs has made. Still, this isn't the cheapest route into 3D printing, by a long way, and the SLA process involves extra messiness, despite Formlabs' improvements.
Score: 9.0
Review Formlabs Form 2
The truth is, until the price of 3D printing comes down, the only reason to get a 3D printer is because you have something specific to make; something you can't necessarily buy, such as a customized set of chess pieces or the logo of your own business. And among all 3D printers I've reviewed, the Form 2 is actually the first that shares the same level of reliability and consistency as most regular non-3D printers.
Score: 7.8
Tom's Guide:
Review Formlabs Form 2
The Form 2 is an excellent 3D printer that can produce high-quality prints with very clean, sharp edges and fine reproduction of subtle details. Although the clear material we used in testing is quite soft, we were able to easily assemble our set of test gears, with multiple cogs, screws and pins fitting together after only minimal trimming.
Score: 9.0
3D Hubs:
Review Formlabs Form 2
The Form2 is one of the best printer's I've ever had the pleasure of working with. The machine is expensive, and so is the resin for it, but it's reliability and precision make the cost more than worth it. The Form 2 is a very easy-to-use system that provides incredible results from a small desktop unit. You can't get the same level of quality out of a FDM printer.
Score: 9.0
Review Formlabs Form 2
With the release of the Form 2, Formlabs has taken all they have learned and released a machine that is set to keep them on top. If you are looking to get into the SLA game, the Form 2 is the flagship product to get. You can definitely get started at a lower cost, but the feature list of the Form 2 is currently unbeatable and is especially powerful for collaborative environments.
Score: 9.0
PC Magazine:
Review Formlabs Form 2
Artists, engineers, product designers, businesses that need occasional short-run manufacturing, and other professionals needing still higher quality for their prints can get it with the Formlabs Form 2, which offers superb print quality at a relatively low price for an SLA 3D printer. The Form 2 offers magnificent print quality, a good selection of resins, and an improved user experience.
Score: 8.0
Review Formlabs Form 2
Truly, a premium machine that delivers stunning results. We were very impressed with the quality of results this SLA 3D printer delivered, and it did it constantly. There are some challengers to their crown. If you consult this list of competitors, youíll find that most rival machines start at $5000 ó so for small budgets, the Form 2 stays ďbest in class.
Score: 9.0


De Form 2 van Formlabs is simpelweg één van de beste desktop 3D-printers die er op dit moment te krijgen zijn. De Form 2 hanteert de SLA-printtechniek, in plaats van FDM die vele concurrenten gebruiken. De printer heeft daardoor een uitmuntende printkwaliteit en veel features waar je als gebruiker erg blij van zal worden. Denk daarbij aan automatische hars toevoer, touch scherm, USB, WIFI en Ethernet-verbinding.

Printen kan alleen met printermateriaal/cartridges van Formlabs en dus helaas niet van derde partijen. Formlabs biedt wel een breed assortiment printmaterialen aan dat ook regelmatig wordt uitgebreid.

  • Eenvoudige bediening • Gebruiksvriendelijk • Perfecte printkwaliteit • Stil • Schitterend vormgegeven • WIFI • Touch screen
  • Zowel printer als printmaterialen (hars) zijn duur • Printen gaat langzaam • Rommeliger dan FDM
  • Tip een ander en deel eenvoudig de laagste prijs!



    Laagdikte (micron / mm) 25 - 100


    Filament-systeem (Open/gesloten) Gesloten


    Software bijgeleverd PreForm - leverancier

    Formlabs Form 2

    icon: Formlabs Form 2

    Formlabs - Formlabs legt de lat voor professionele desktop 3D printers opnieuw een stuk hoger: de Formlabs Form 2 is misschien wel de meest vooruitstrevende desktop 3D printer van dit moment. Maak met behulp van lasers en hars (stereolithografie -SLA) ingewikkelde waterdichte structuren, ruige technische prototypes of andere ingewikkelde stukken en ontdek hoe de Form 2 een uitstekend hulpmiddel is als je

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